Add a New Layer Of Income To Your Establishment

Exclusive business growth opportunity for chefs and restaurant owners to offer tantalizing revenue boosters to their customers.

✔ Boost Revenue ✔ Widen Customer Base ✔ Sustainable Cooking

Master the Art of Vegan Dessert Recipe Creation… in 90 Days or Less 

  • Master the texture creating techniques.
  • Formulate your own recipes from scratch.
  • Make healthier, lighter, and tastier products.
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Renowned plant-based Chef Iris Zajac guides you to create your own raw+ desserts so that you can increase revenue in your cafe, bakery, or dining establishment.

Why Create Your Own Raw+ Dessert Recipes?

  •  Ignite a new revenue stream that supercharges your establishment with trendy, eye-catching desserts that are sure to expand your business
  • Understand the core concepts of raw+ dessert creation so you can widen your offerings to attract and retain more customers.
  • Learn to create recipes that save costs and reduce waste without sacrificing flavor.
  • Master creating whimsical, eye-popping desserts that are sure to go viral on Instagram and TikTok.
  • Be ecologically and animal cruelty-free conscious by featuring local and seasonal ingredients in recipes that can be adjusted to a variety of dietary needs.
  • Equip yourself with the building blocks of raw+ desert knowledge so you can confidently amplify your plant-based offerings.
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Don’t miss out! Vegan Dessert Facts: 

If you own and operate a cafe, catering business, bakery or restaurant, then here is some important info you need to know:"Veganism will influence dessert menus as well, as a majority (47%) of respondents highlighted vegan desserts as the strongest sweet-tooth trend for 2020" 
- and it continues to grow!
"Diets once considered alternative are now the norm, so expect to see gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and keto options become menu mainstays. According to 31% of chefs surveyed, it’s no longer enough to have just one or two of these options on the menu."
Source: Kimpton

"According to a report from European cocoa processor and chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut, 48 per cent of Millennials believe that "chocolate needs to deliver more than just being tasty" and 64 per cent of Healthy Agers say "chocolate needs to be tasty and good for me,”

"A 2018 study conducted by The Centre for Generational Kinetics on behalf of The Hershey Co.HSY +1.1% found that 87 per cent of Gen Z “thinks about dessert one or more times a day” while a 2020 survey from Innova found that three in five global consumers claim to incorporate more plant ingredients in their diets."

Source: Forbes

The global vegan food market is projected to grow from $26.16 billion in 2021 to $61.35 billion in 2028. For Vegan Desserts a growth from 2.68 billion in 2020 to 5.97 billion in 2027 is expected. 
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Is This Right For You?

This program is exclusively designed for you, if you:
  • Love creating desserts and want to fully understand the art of working vegan and raw food ingredients
  • Seek to transform traditional dessert recipes into the vegan equivalent that is sure to let you stand out in your local market
  • Work at, or operate a hotel, cafe, or restaurant and you want to express your creativity through your plates
  • Want to develop your own signature dish that you will become known for, and customers love
  • Desire the know-how to fix recipes that are ‘so close’ but not quite resonating with your market
  • Want to remove doubt around the scientific and creative process of raw+ recipe creation and be bold in your explorations
  • Wish to impact the food industry by breaking preconceived notions of what is possible with raw ingredients and aesthetic designs

Meet Chef Iris

Hi. My name is Iris.

I am a Vegan Chef, Law Student, Owner of a Marketing Agency, and Creator of Iris' Science 3.0 - a System for Recipe Creation using the example of (raw) vegan, plant-based desserts. 
I was into cooking for a very long time. I cooked in many kitchens, and I took many classes on vegan cooking and plant-based cuisines. 
Culinary Institutes I graduated from include:
  • Matthew Kenney Culinary
  • Rouxbe
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Jordi Bordas
I even worked in a leading global plant-based culinary academy for more than 4 years, leaving as the Director of Education.
Yet, in all the classes that I have taken, I felt there was something missing.
The focus was too much on recipes as well as techniques.
And while these are fine and of course important, I was missing a system that would tie together all the theory and techniques so it could be easy and clear for students to create recipes on their own. 
After much trial and error, I am proud to have created a proven system that gives chefs the confidence to effortlessly create their own raw+ dessert recipes without creating prohibitively expensive recipes.
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6 Pillar Process To Create 
Tantalizing Raw+ Desserts

This class is founded on the following 6 Raw+ Dessert Pillars:
1. Setting Foundations
2. Introducing Flavor
3. Regulating Texture
4. Innovating Design
5. Styling Plates
6. Secret Sixth Pillar
Once you master these 6 simple Pillars, you’ll be able to whip up your own plant based desserts…
Imagine, in less than 90 days, creating healthy, colorful, and tasty recipes that become the talk of the town.
It’s all possible ONCE you the right way.
Since 2017 hundreds of chefs have utilized this 6 Pillar process to create recipes in all kinds of kitchens and under all kinds of circumstances all over the world. 
In this way, what was only a 12-video program in its first iteration has now developed into a full-blown program with around 240-250 videos and 150 lessons.
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Designed for chefs who wish to scale their income and expand their portfolio…
All by creating innovative, sustainable desserts that taste extraordinary.
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You’ll Get:

Grow your confidence in the kitchen by honing your culinary instincts and building new skills. It all happens when you get access to the following:
  • Training Certificate 
Get a certificate of course completion signed by Iris Zajac.
  • Guided Instruction
Iris will personally coach you during your time in the program.
  • 100% Online
Learn the ins and outs of recipe creation 24/7 whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • 12 Months Access
You’ll have an all-inclusive pass to all of Iris’ recipes, coaching, and advice.
  • Live Webinars
Attend bi-monthly webinars to discover the latest in recipe creation and have all your questions answered.
  • Immersive, yet Digestible Training Videos
Step-by-step instructional videos will guide you through the 6 pillars. Includes over 50+ hours of deep-dive training that you can easily digest. 
  • Recipes and Downloadable Material
Download and print PDFs of all the necessary charts, recipes, and checklists you’ll need.
  • Self-Evaluation Tests
Test your knowledge at the end of each chapter with quizzes and graded assignments.
  • Questions and Answers
Iris is on hand to answer your most pressing questions during live sessions and inside the private community forum.

Behind the Scenes Interview

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Iris’ Science Chef Certification:

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Preliminaries: Get ready to start the certification program. In this chapter, you will make sure that you are all set up before starting. This includes food photography basics and other foundational concepts or action steps you must take to get the most out of the program.
Setting Foundations: An Introduction to kitchen fundamentals. Learn basic kitchen skills as well as some basic vegan replacement recipes so we can get your kitchen set up right.
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Introducing Flavor: Decide on the featured flavor in your recipe, learn to pair it with other flavors, and ensure your recipe is balanced so it will be the tastiest recipe you can possibly imagine.
Regulating Textures: The combination of a multitude of textures is what makes your recipes interesting. In this pillar, you will become familiar with a variety of textures and how to achieve them through raw techniques.
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Innovating Design: Come up with new cake and dessert designs by knowing some of the basic techniques and components that you can use to decorate your desserts.
Styling Plates: Create plates that are pieces of art by following simple plating principles; including knowing how to plate sauces, and using delicious edible garnishments and elements of surprise.
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The Building Blocks: Get to know the building blocks of raw + vegan dessert making so that you can creatively start building your own desserts.
Recipes: Use our catalog of complete recipes as a jumping off point for your magnificent creations.
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Completion: Create your own tantalizing dessert recipe and receive certification from us. You’ll also discover what the secret sixth pillar is (Shhhh, don’t tell).
By the end of your training, you’ll graduate as a Raw+ Dessert Certified Chef! This will give you the clarity and confidence to begin creating your own desserts that your customers will love.

In order to get the Training Certificate issued by Iris, you need to pass the quizzes, complete the assignments and submit your final project.
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Join Us Today!

Iris’ Science Raw+ Chef Certification

  • Raw+ Dessert Chef Certification
  • 3 Month Online Coaching Program with Instructor Support
  • Graded Assignments, Exercises, and Projects
  • Worksheets and Brainstorming Guides

Retail Price: $997.00 Price Today: FREE
The course and certification are absolutely FREE when you enroll in an annual pass of the Raw+ Dessert Online Academy.
You’ll Get:
  • 12 Months Access - Access our incredible vault of chef training, recipes, business tips and more!
  • Online Community Forum - Network and get inspiration from other chefs in our private, online portal.
  • Bi-Monthly Live Webinars - Chef Iris will teach you her latest recipes and techniques LIVE each month. Can’t attend live? Access the replay when it’s most convenient.
  • Recipe Vault - Access all of Iris’ most stunning recipes. Cook these up verbatim, or use as a foundation for your own creations.
  • Downloadable Material Vault
  • Nutritional Calculation Sheets
  • Recipe Analysis Sheets
  • Ingredient Ratio Charts
  • Substitution Lists
  • Flavor Affinity Charts
  • Decorating Ideas
Yours Today: Just 499 USD

Or pay in 3 monthly installments of 175 USD

Try It Out For 30 Days, Risk Free! 

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If you don’t LOVE the Raw+ Dessert Online Academy and FREE Iris’ Science Chef Certification, just email us within 30 days for that prompt and courteous refund.
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Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

Q: How long is the course?

From your date of registration, a new chapter will be unlocked for you every two weeks. The minimum time to complete the course is 14 weeks, however you have 12 months to complete the course. If you want to continue to access the program after the 12 months included in the program, you can register our Alumni program.

Q: When can I start?

You can start any time. The course will be immediately accessible to you upon your enrollment.

Q: Will I be able to download the videos and all the course materials?

Each chapter contains a student handbook, worksheets and recipe books, which you will be able to download. Hence the videos are shot in 4k and are very large in size, it is not possible to offer them as downloads or send them, The player will allow you to adjust video playback quality so you can stream them according to your available internet connection. 

Q: When do I need to submit assignments and quizzes?

As long as you complete all assignments and quizzes, including your final project within the 12 months of your access time, you will receive certification.

Q: Is it ok that I am a beginner? 

Yes, as long as you are passionate about cooking and dessert preparation, the systematic approach in this program will guide you through all the steps needed to succeed with raw+ vegan desserts. 

Q: Is this course for professionals?

This course is great for any chef, pastry chef, baker, cafe, deli, or restaurant owner who wants to add raw+ and healthier desserts to their menu and transform their offering to the demands of an emerging market. 
Experienced pastry chefs will enjoy the additional challenge and burst of creativity that raw+ vegan desserts bring and will be able to fuse their skills with this new, healthier way of preparing desserts. 

Q: Will I need to purchase many new pieces of equipment and expensive ingredients? 

This course is designed to allow you to create recipes in the circumstances you find yourself. 
While this course offers a balanced combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, I have ensured that you only need to create only the essential recipes and processes that will lay your foundation for tasty plant-based desserts.
In addition, I offer substitutions in most recipes which will help you adjust them to what is available locally to you.
Last, I have tested all the recipes even using in-expensive home appliances, hence anyone should be able to prepare the recipes wherever they are in the world. 

Q: How will I access the course?

As soon as you have purchased the program, you will receive the following emails: Purchase Invoice, Log In Details, Newbie - Badge in the Forum

Go to and click “Sign In” in the top navigation bar, to access the program using any device.

Q: Which devices can I use to go through the program?

You can go through the class on your phone tablet or computer, as long as you have an internet connection. The larger the screen the more convenient it may be!

Q: How do I sign up? 

Choose to pay in full or using installments here

Q: I have questions regarding payment

Students from all over the world have joined this program, if your payment provider is not listed amongst the providers we offer, or you have other questions please contact
All prices are including VAT and an invoice will be automatically created upon registration. 

Q: Can I cancel my registration? 

You have the right to cancel your registration up to 30 days following the enrollment by emailing

Q: I am not familiar with the concept of raw+, will this benefit my establishment? 

This course is for anyone who wants to incorporate healthier, lighter and more beautiful recipes to their menu. As the vegan food market is expected to rapidly grow in the coming years, any establishment that already optimizes their menu for the new demand can be part of this development. All recipes in this class are fully plant-based, and mostly raw, incorporating (at times) components that help us reduce cost and elevate texture.

Q: How is this course different from your others?

Iris’ Science is my signature program that focuses on your ability to create your own recipes rather than copying what others are doing. I have not come across a program like it.
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