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Raw Vegan Desserts Mastery for Food Artisans and Wellness Entrepreneurs

✔ Elevate Profits  ✔ Expand Clientele  ✔ Eco-Friendly Culinary

Become a Vegan Dessert Recipe Creation Maestro… in Under 90 Days

Are you prepared to embark on a transformative culinary journey that merges art, science, and well-being? Introducing "Iris' Science," a groundbreaking Raw Vegan Desserts Mastery Course designed exclusively for esteemed culinary professionals and wellness pioneers. This course is tailored to restaurant owners, patisseries, pastry chefs, chefs, cafe proprietors, yoga teachers, and yoga studio owners who aspire to blend gastronomic innovation with health-conscious indulgence.

Mastery in Crafting Textures:
Hone the Art of Creating Irresistible Textures.

Artistry in Recipe Formulation: Craft Your Own Unique Recipes from the Ground Up.
Elevate for Health, Lightness, and Taste: Elevate Your Creations for Enhanced Healthiness, Delicate Lightness, and Exquisite Flavor.
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Guided by the Renowned Plant-Based Chef Iris Zajac: Follow Iris Zajac's Expertise to Craft Your Own Delectable Raw+ Desserts, Enhancing Your Cafe, Bakery, or Dining Establishment's Revenue Potential.

Understanding the Drive to Master Your Own Raw+ Dessert Creations

1. Elevate Your Culinary Craft
Immerse yourself in the avant-garde world of raw vegan desserts, where innovation meets gastronomic delight. Unleash your creativity and set new culinary standards by mastering the art of crafting raw vegan delicacies that captivate and enthrall.

2. Health-Conscious Excellence

For wellness enthusiasts, this course is your gateway to seamlessly merging holistic well-being with culinary artistry. Infuse your practices with nourishing raw vegan desserts, creating a symphony of health and indulgence that resonates deeply with your community.

3. Diverse Delights for All
Expand your customer base by catering to various dietary needs. Raw vegan desserts are a magnet for health-conscious individuals seeking plant-based, gluten-free, or dairy-free options, ensuring no palate is left unimpressed.

4. Culinary Magic for Pastry Maestros
Picture the wonder of crafting whimsical, Instagram and TikTok-worthy delights that become the talk of the town. Elevate your pastry creations, leaving a trail of awe and sparking a social media sensation.

5. Sustainable Culinary Alchemy
Embrace eco-conscious practices by featuring local, seasonal ingredients in your raw vegan desserts. Showcase your commitment to sustainability, drawing patrons who value ethical consumption.

6. Yoga and Wellness Synergy
Yoga teachers and studio owners, enhance your offerings with complementary raw vegan desserts. Create an immersive wellness experience that leaves a lasting impact on your students, fostering loyalty and community growth.

7. Cost-Effective Brilliance
Unlock the secrets of cost-efficient dessert creation that doesn't compromise on flavor. Learn how to reduce waste, streamline expenses, and maximize your culinary innovation.

8. Unparalleled Competitive Edge
Stand out from the crowd with unique, healthful, and exquisite raw vegan desserts. Your establishment becomes a destination of choice for those seeking remarkable, one-of-a-kind culinary experiences.

9. Cultivate Devotion
Forge deep customer loyalty by serving delectable raw vegan desserts that resonate with hearts and palates alike. Leave an indelible impression that ensures return visits and glowing reviews.

10. Your Culinary Odyssey Begins Now
Enroll in the Raw Vegan Dessert Mastery Course and embark on a journey that blends innovation, well-being, and gastronomic excellence. Elevate your culinary craft, enrapture your patrons, and cultivate a culinary legacy that resonates with today's conscious consumers.Are you ready to wield the spatula of transformation? Take the first step towards raw vegan dessert mastery and become the culinary architect of a healthier, more indulgent future.

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Get informed, Don't miss out:
Uncover the Truth About Vegan Desserts

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If you own and operate a cafe, catering business, bakery or restaurant, then here is some important info you need to know:"Veganism will influence dessert menus as well, as a majority (47%) of respondents highlighted vegan desserts as the strongest sweet-tooth trend for 2020" 
- and it continues to grow!
"Diets once considered alternative are now the norm, so expect to see gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and keto options become menu mainstays. According to 31% of chefs surveyed, it’s no longer enough to have just one or two of these options on the menu."
Source: Kimpton

"According to a report from European cocoa processor and chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut, 48 per cent of Millennials believe that "chocolate needs to deliver more than just being tasty" and 64 per cent of Healthy Agers say "chocolate needs to be tasty and good for me,”

"A 2018 study conducted by The Centre for Generational Kinetics on behalf of The Hershey Co.HSY +1.1% found that 87 per cent of Gen Z “thinks about dessert one or more times a day” while a 2020 survey from Innova found that three in five global consumers claim to incorporate more plant ingredients in their diets."

Source: Forbes

The global vegan food market is projected to grow from $26.16 billion in 2021 to $61.35 billion in 2028. For Vegan Desserts a growth from 2.68 billion in 2020 to 5.97 billion in 2027 is expected. 
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"I believe that these are the desserts of the future and I wish everyone to learn this art for their family or business. Raw vegan desserts are not just a healthier alternative to traditional desserts - they are a way of expressing ourselves, of sharing our passions with others, and of creating something truly beautiful and delicious."

Is This the Right Path for You?

Unlock Your Culinary Artistry with This Tailored Program if You:

  • Have a Passion for Crafting Desserts and a Strong Desire to Master the Intricacies of Vegan and Raw Food Ingredients.
  • Aspire to Revolutionize Traditional Dessert Recipes into Captivating Vegan Creations, Elevating Your Presence in the Local Market.
  • Are Engaged in the Hospitality Industry, Running a Hotel, Cafe, or Restaurant, and Yearn to Infuse Your Dishes with a Unique Artistic Flair.
  • Dream of Cultivating Your Signature Culinary Masterpiece, One That Garners Acclaim from Patrons and Establishes Your Distinct Culinary Identity.
  • Seek the Expertise to Perfect Recipes That Are Almost There, but Require That Extra Touch to Resonate Perfectly with Your Clientele.
  • Long to Dissolve Uncertainty in Raw+ Recipe Creation, Navigating Both the Scientific and Artistic Aspects with Confidence and Boldness.
  • Envision Transforming the Culinary Landscape by Challenging Conventions, Redefining Possibilities with Raw Ingredients, and Infusing Your Creations with Unparalleled Aesthetic Brilliance.

And as a Bonus, Contribute to the Global Shift Toward Sustainable Living:

  • Harness the Power of Plant-Based Foods to Combat Climate Change and Play Your Part in Crafting a More Sustainable Culinary Future.

    Embark on a Journey of Culinary Mastery and Creative Innovation, Transforming Your Creations Beyond Imagination.

Enroll Now to Shape the Future of Culinary Artistry!

Meet Chef Iris

I'm Iris, and I wear multiple hats – Vegan Chef, Law Student, Marketing Agency Owner, and the visionary behind Iris' Science 3.0. I've devised an innovative Recipe Creation System, focusing on the realm of (raw) vegan, plant-based desserts.
My culinary journey has been rich and diverse. Over the years, I've honed my skills in numerous kitchens and engaged in intensive training, immersing myself in the world of vegan cooking and plant-based cuisines. I proudly hold diplomas from esteemed Culinary Institutes, including Matthew Kenney Culinary, Rouxbe, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and the tutelage of master pastry chef Jordi Bordas. Notably, I also contributed my expertise to a leading global plant-based culinary academy for over 4 years, culminating in my role as Director of Education.
Yet, even with all my experiences and education, I sensed a gap in the culinary landscape. While classes emphasized recipes and techniques – undoubtedly crucial aspects – there was a missing link that could seamlessly connect theory and skills. This void inspired me to embark on a quest for the ultimate solution.
After extensive exploration, trial, and perseverance, I'm thrilled to unveil a proven system. This system empowers chefs with the confidence to effortlessly craft their own raw+ dessert recipes. The beauty lies in its simplicity – no need for extravagant ingredients or complex processes, yet you can go for them if you would like to!
Join me on this exciting journey as we bridge the gap between theory and creativity, equipping you with the tools to create tantalizing raw+ dessert recipes that are both artistically fulfilling and financially sustainable.
Welcome to the realm of Iris' Science 3.0 – where innovation meets culinary artistry.
Warm regards,


"I want to express my deep gratitude for the education to Iris and her team. Iris is a love at first sight, her energy and love for her work. Iris is a teacher from God, a highly qualified professional who generously shares the intricacies of making raw vegan desserts. She falls in love with them and kindles the fire of love for the world of sweets without sugar, lactose, gluten.
Many thanks for the structured knowledge, verified recipes, new discoveries and knowledge."
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Master the Art of Crafting Tempting Raw+ Desserts Through Our 6 Pillar Process

Rooted in the Bedrock of These 6 Raw+ Dessert Pillars, This Course Unveils:

1. Setting Foundations
2. Introducing Flavor
3. Regulating Texture
4. Innovating Design
5. Styling Plates
6. Unveiling the Secret Sixth Pillar

Harnessing these straightforward 6 Pillars, you'll soon master the art of creating your own delectable plant-based desserts...

Envision, within just 90 days, crafting vibrant, healthful, and flavorful recipes that become the buzz of the town.

It's all within your grasp, ONCE you know the precise path.

Since 2017, countless chefs worldwide have harnessed the power of this 6 Pillar process across a diverse range of kitchens and circumstances. What began as a humble 12-video program has now blossomed into an extensive curriculum, encompassing approximately 240-250 videos and 150 comprehensive lessons.
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Presenting... IRIS’ SCIENCE

The Online Raw+ Chef Certification Program 

Through the artistry of crafting inventive and eco-conscious desserts that boast exceptional flavors, you'll unlock new dimensions of success for your establishment.
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You’ll Receive:

Cultivate kitchen confidence as you refine your culinary intuition and acquire fresh expertise.
Unlock these elements upon gaining access:

  • Course Certification
Attain a certification of course completion endorsed by Iris Zajac.
  • Personalized Coaching
Benefit from Iris' direct guidance throughout the program's duration.
  • Flexible Online Learning
Explore the nuances of recipe creation at your convenience, with round-the-clock access.
  • Extended 12-Month Access
Enjoy comprehensive access to Iris' repertoire, coaching, and insights.
  • Interactive Webinars
Participate in bi-monthly webinars for the latest in recipe innovation and interactive Q&A sessions.
  • Engaging, Bite-Sized Video Lessons
Navigate the 6 pillars seamlessly through comprehensive videos, totaling over 50+ hours of easily digestible deep-dive training.
  • Resourceful Materials
Download and print essential PDFs, including charts, recipes, and checklists.
  • Self-Assessment Tools
Evaluate your progress with chapter-end quizzes and graded assignments.
  • Expert Support
Access Iris' expertise for personalized guidance and answers to your culinary queries.


"Education with a top raw vegan chef Iris can be an incredibly rewarding and valuable experience. With the guidance of a seasoned professional, you can learn new techniques, tips, and tricks for creating delicious and healthy desserts using raw, plant-based ingredients.
One of the key benefits of learning with Iris is the wealth of knowledge and experience she bring to the table. She can share their expertise and insight into the industry, as well as provide valuable feedback and advice on your techniques and recipes."

Behind the Scenes Interview

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Iris’ Science Chef Certification:

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Preliminaries: Set the Stage for Your Certification Journey. In this segment, you'll ensure everything is in place before embarking on the program. This covers the fundamentals of food photography and other essential building blocks or proactive measures required to maximize your program experience.
Setting Foundations:  Discover the Basics of Culinary Proficiency. Acquire fundamental kitchen techniques alongside essential vegan substitution recipes to establish a strong foundation for your culinary space.
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Introducing Flavor: Select the Highlighted Flavor for Your Recipe, Master Flavor Pairings, and Achieve Harmonious Balance for a Culinary Creation that Exceeds Your Taste Expectations.
Regulating Textures:  Your Recipe's Allure Lies in the Interplay of Diverse Textures. This pillar introduces you to an array of textures and guides you in employing raw techniques to attain them.
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Innovating Design: Formulate Fresh Cake and Dessert Designs by Mastering Fundamental Techniques and Key Components for Elevating Dessert Decor.
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Styling Plates: Craft Edible Masterpieces: Transform Plates into Artful Creations by Embracing Easy Plating Principles, from Skillful Sauces Arrangement to Incorporating Delectable Edible Garnishes and Elements of Delightful Surprise.
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The Building Blocks: Discover the Essential Building Blocks of Crafting Raw+ Vegan Desserts, Empowering You to Embark on Your Own Creative Culinary Journey in Dessert Making.
Recipes: Leverage Our Comprehensive Recipe Catalog as a Launchpad for Your Spectacular Culinary Innovations.
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Completion: Cultivate Your Unique Tempting Dessert Recipe and Attain Our Distinguished Certification. Uncover the Enigmatic Secret of the Sixth Pillar (Psst... it's our little secret).
Upon completion of your training, you'll emerge as a Certified Raw+ Dessert Chef, equipped with the certainty and self-assurance to embark on crafting your own adored desserts for your clientele.
To qualify for the Training Certificate endorsed by Iris, you'll be required to successfully navigate quizzes, fulfill assignments, and submit your final project.


"It is a very complex course, it a beautiful surprise! I didn't expected to learn so much and I realise that the technique you use is really unique. I really think I needed it because it makes me think more during the process, it doesn't just give me a recipe to follow.
The flavour match and the decoration is a real challenge for me. I share with my husband (he is a chef in a french restaurant in Paris) about the flavours and the techniques you use and is really provoking. I am fascinated :)
Thank you so much for the time you spend making this course!"
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Enroll Today and Become a Part of Our Community!

Iris’ Science Raw+ Chef Certification

  • Raw+ Dessert Chef Certification
  • Embark on a 3-Month Online Coaching Journey with Full Instructor Support
  • Engage in Graded Assignments, Practical Exercises, and Inspiring Projects
  • Access Comprehensive Worksheets and Innovative Brainstorming Guides

Retail Value: $997.00 Price 
Today's Price: Complimentary
Experience the course and earn certification at no cost when you enroll in a yearly subscription of the Raw+ Dessert Online Academy.

Your Enrollment Entitles You To:
  • A Full Year of Access: Dive into our extensive vault of chef training, mouthwatering recipes, business insights, and more!
  • Thrive in an Online Community Forum: Connect and draw inspiration from fellow chefs within our exclusive online hub.
  • Engage in Bi-Monthly Live Webinars: Chef Iris personally shares her latest recipes and techniques every month. Miss a session? Access the replay at your convenience.
  • Explore the Recipe Vault: Unlock access to a treasure trove of Iris' dazzling recipes. Either follow these masterpieces step-by-step or use them as a launchpad for your own culinary creations.
  • Delve into a Wealth of Downloadable Resources, including: Nutritional Calculation Sheets, Recipe Analysis Sheets, Ingredient Ratio Charts, Substitution Lists, Flavor Affinity Charts, Creative Decorating Ideas
Yours Today: Just 499 USD

Or pay in 3 monthly installments of 175 USD

Try It Out For 30 Days, Risk Free! 

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Should the Raw+ Dessert Online Academy and the complimentary Iris’ Science Chef Certification not meet your expectations, simply reach out to us via email within 30 days for a swift and courteous refund.
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Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

Q: How long is the course?

From your date of registration, a new chapter will be unlocked for you every two weeks. The minimum time to complete the course is 14 weeks, however you have 12 months to complete the course. If you want to continue to access the program after the 12 months included in the program, you can register our Alumni program.

Q: When can I start?

You can start any time. The course will be immediately accessible to you upon your enrollment.

Q: Will I be able to download the videos and all the course materials?

Each chapter contains a student handbook, worksheets and recipe books, which you will be able to download. Hence the videos are shot in 4k and are very large in size, it is not possible to offer them as downloads or send them, The player will allow you to adjust video playback quality so you can stream them according to your available internet connection. 

Q: When do I need to submit assignments and quizzes?

As long as you complete all assignments and quizzes, including your final project within the 12 months of your access time, you will receive certification.

Q: Is it ok that I am a beginner? 

Yes, as long as you are passionate about cooking and dessert preparation, the systematic approach in this program will guide you through all the steps needed to succeed with raw+ vegan desserts. 

Q: Is this course for professionals?

This course is great for any chef, pastry chef, baker, cafe, deli, or restaurant owner who wants to add raw+ and healthier desserts to their menu and transform their offering to the demands of an emerging market. 
Experienced pastry chefs will enjoy the additional challenge and burst of creativity that raw+ vegan desserts bring and will be able to fuse their skills with this new, healthier way of preparing desserts. 

Q: Will I need to purchase many new pieces of equipment and expensive ingredients? 

This course is designed to allow you to create recipes in the circumstances you find yourself. 
While this course offers a balanced combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, I have ensured that you only need to create only the essential recipes and processes that will lay your foundation for tasty plant-based desserts.
In addition, I offer substitutions in most recipes which will help you adjust them to what is available locally to you.
Last, I have tested all the recipes even using in-expensive home appliances, hence anyone should be able to prepare the recipes wherever they are in the world. 

Q: How will I access the course?

As soon as you have purchased the program, you will receive the following emails: Purchase Invoice, Log In Details, Newbie - Badge in the Forum

Go to https://school.rawvegancakesclass.com/ and click “Sign In” in the top navigation bar, to access the program using any device.

Q: Which devices can I use to go through the program?

You can go through the class on your phone tablet or computer, as long as you have an internet connection. The larger the screen the more convenient it may be!

Q: How do I sign up? 

Choose to pay in full or using installments here

Q: I have questions regarding payment

Students from all over the world have joined this program, if your payment provider is not listed amongst the providers we offer, or you have other questions please contact iris@iriszajac.com
All prices are including VAT and an invoice will be automatically created upon registration. 

Q: Can I cancel my registration? 

You have the right to cancel your registration up to 30 days following the enrollment by emailing iris@iriszajac.com.

Q: I am not familiar with the concept of raw+, will this benefit my establishment? 

This course is for anyone who wants to incorporate healthier, lighter and more beautiful recipes to their menu. As the vegan food market is expected to rapidly grow in the coming years, any establishment that already optimizes their menu for the new demand can be part of this development. All recipes in this class are fully plant-based, and mostly raw, incorporating (at times) components that help us reduce cost and elevate texture.

Q: How is this course different from your others?

Iris’ Science is my signature program that focuses on your ability to create your own recipes rather than copying what others are doing. I have not come across a program like it.
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