Craft Irresistible Plant-Based Desserts.

From the Home Cook to Culinary and Wellness Professionals: Craft Delectable Plant-Based Recipes with Our Distinctive Programs.

Dive Deep into the Art of Crafting Recipes.

Iris' Science - Full Program

Embark on a Comprehensive Journey through Iris' Science of Recipe Creation.
Uncover the intricacies of each pillar, master essential building blocks, and delve into recipes within our immersive 90-day program.
Choose from options with or without Instructor Support.
Earn a Certificate of Participation upon successful completion of all lessons, assignments, and the final project.
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Online Learning at its best. 

Signature System

Navigating a tailored signature system, you'll receive meticulous guidance through every recipe creation stage, empowering you to approach crafting exquisite desserts with unwavering confidence.

Course Materials

An abundance of video lessons, combined with downloadable reading materials as well as actionable worksheets allow you to become intimately familiar with the learning content. 

Learning in Action

Engage in assignments, exercises, concise quizzes, hands-on recipes, and culminate with a final project, enabling you to apply and master your newfound knowledge.

Guided Learning

Whether you opt for introspection and utilize the recorded resources, or opt for instructor guidance throughout the sessions, each step will systematically expand your knowledge foundation, paving the way for profound learning and enhanced skill development.

Iris Zajac

For over a decade, Iris Zajac, a dedicated Vegan Pastry Chef, has been a global educator, sharing her expertise in preparing exquisite raw vegan cuisine, including delectable desserts, since 2014.
Iris served as the Online Lead Instructor and Director of Education at renowned Vegan Culinary Academies, enriching countless aspiring chefs for five fruitful years.
In 2018, Iris was invited by a distinguished Russian pastry chef and chocolatier to pioneer her own Raw Desserts class, giving birth to the "Your Raw Vegan Cakes Class 1.0".
Since then, Iris has embarked on the journey of redefining the global perception and taste of raw desserts. Through her dynamic fusion of traditional French pastry techniques and cutting-edge ingredients, she has developed a system, designed to revolutionize the art of crafting raw desserts.
Across the globe, students from diverse corners of the world converge to partake in Iris' teachings, mastering the art of crafting their own recipes. Her guidance encourages an intuitive and creative approach, enabling individuals to tap into their innate innovation while producing exquisite, health-conscious desserts that are as beautiful as they are nourishing.
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30 Pages: Downloadable Recipe Guide
Introduction to Iris Science
Substitutions Guide
Ingredient Ratios Reference
Nutritional Insights
Texture Tips
Flavor Harmony Suggestions
Creative Decorating Concepts

Decadent Dark Chocolate Truffles.

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Conversations with Iris Zajac: Behind the Scenes of Class Filming.
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Opening Coconuts

Acquire the Enjoyable Technique of Cracking Open Coconuts.
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Date Paste

Craft Your Own Easy Homemade Natural Sweetener.
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