Iris' Science 3.0

Iris Science 3.0 - Learn Recipe Development using the example of raw + vegan desserts. 

Dive Deep in the Process of Recipe Creation.

Join classes depending on where you are at.

Iris' Science - Full Program

Be guided through the whole program of Iris' Science of Recipe Creation. 

Learn each of the pillars, building blocks, and recipes as part of a 1 year program. 

Offered with and without Instructor Support. 

Certificate of Participation granted upon successful completion of all lessons, assignments and final project. 


Do you want to focus on one specific aspect of Iris' Science or want to learn about a specific topic?

These bundles offer your Iris' Science bit by bit - whether it is one pillar at a time, or a bundle of recipes at a time. 

Offered with and without Instructor Support. 

Participation in Bundles can be accredited towards the full program.

Individual Recipes

Are you looking for a Recipe that you can prepare this week?

Are you looking to learn a specific recipe but not a whole course? 

The Individual recipes are more than just recipes - you will receive: Video Instructions, Downloadable Recipes, Flavor Affinities, Substitutions, Guidance on Textures, and Inspiration for Decoration with each recipe. 

Online Learning at its best. 

How do the classes work?
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Signature System

Through the development of a signature system, you are carefully guided through each step of recipe creation, so that you can be fully confident in creation beautiful desserts. 

Course Materials

An abundance of video lessons, combined with downloadable reading materials as well as actionable worksheets allow you to become intimately familiar with the learning content. 

Learning in Action

Assignments, Exercises, Short Quizzes, Recipes, and a Final Project allow you to practice what you learn and become a master of it.

Guided Learning

Whether it is self reflection and the use of the recorded materials or you choose to receive instructor support throughout the classes, one step at a time you will be able to build your knowledge base for deeper learning and skills.


Iris Zajac

Vegan Pastry Chef, Iris Zajac has been teaching Students globally how to prepare raw vegan cuisine, including desserts, since 2014.

She worked for 5 years as the Online Lead Instructor and Director of Education of well-known Vegan Culinary Academies.

In 2018 she was invited by a Russian pastry chef and chocolatier to create her own Raw Desserts class, which was the Launch of " Your Raw Vegan Cakes Class 1.0".

Since then much has changed, and Iris has worked hard on transforming raw desserts as she knew and tasted them globally and change the way raw desserts are made through applying the knowledge of traditional french pastry as well as modern ingredients and techniques.

Students from all over the world learn how to create their own recipes, how to work in an intuitive and creative way, accessing their own ability to innovate while making beautiful, healthier desserts.
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GET THE FREE RECIPE: Dark Chocolate Truffles.

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An Introduction to Iris Science
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Tips on Texture
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Decorating Ideas
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Discover Videos from Class.

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Chocolate Truffles

Learn to make delicious, vegan chocolate truffles
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Interview with Iris Zajac on the Filming of the classes. 
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Opening Coconuts

Learn the Fun Skill of Opening Coconuts
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Date Paste

A simple natural sweetener, that you can make at home.
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